Finally get your Sprint smart phone on boost mobile.

1 time charge to flash = Save hundreds on your phone bill with your sprint smart phone.
We do not require you to ship your phone to us,
We handle this process remotely.

You will not need to buy any additional software.
Fast turn around time usually a 1 hour process or less.
No worry about ruining your phone by trying to flash it yourself
No need to contact Boost customer service or call anyone for that matter.

Some requirements do apply.
1. You must own 1 of these sprint phones listed phones below.
2. This is a REMOTE flashing service requires you to have a usb cable to attach your phone to your computer. You only need the usb cable that came with your sprint smart phone.

Htc Evo 4G
Htc Evo 3D
Nexus S
Htc Hero

Samsung Epic 4G
Htc Evo Shift
Samsung Intercept
Samsung Moment

Htc Evo Design

LG Optimus

Samsung Transform

Samsung Galaxy And Galaxy 2

This service allows you to put one of these Awsome Sprint phones listed above on the Boost Mobile Network everything working such as text, picture text, internet.. For As low as $35 Per Month Unlimited Everything! This Is It! Put Us To The Test!

We Guarantee You Will Love It...

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